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Games for Christmas are games that can be played at Christmas celebrations or other activities related to Christmas. The games either involve Christmas as topic or can be customized to do so.


Some prominent Christmas games are listed here. For a complete list of such games in the games-wiki, see category:Christmas.

Secret Santa

Each player secretly gets one other player assigned, whom he has to give some (small) presents during a longer period of time (like, during Advent)

Gift wrap

The players gift-wrap some small presents, but are handicapped while doing so.

Nativity scene

Building and depicting a nativity scene can be a method to anonymously exchange presents in larger groups.

Blowing out tea lights

Who can blow out the most tea lights with just one breath?

Games customizable to Christmas

Many games are not specifically designed for Christmas, but can be customized to do so. Such games either involve some kind of story that can be made to match a Christmas-related topic, or they involve freely adjustable terms or objects that are chosen to fit Christmas.