ABC relay

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ABC relay
Type: relay game, brain game
Number of players: two groups or more
Location: small playing field
Equipment: paper, pens
Duration: 5-10 minutes
Preparation: write ABCs on paper

The ABC relay race is a brain game for several groups. The players have to find words concerning a given topic, one word for each letter in the alphabet. It can be used as introductory game to the topic (or as recapitulation of it).

Required equipment

Each team needs a (large) sheet of paper and a pen. The paper should already have the alphabet written on it.


The referees define a topic (like: "Christmas"). All groups stand on one end of the room, the sheets of paper of the groups are on the other end. When the game is started, one player of each group runs to the paper, writes one word concerning the general topic to the according letter (that the word starts with) and runs back. Only then, the next player of that group may do the same (for another letter, of course). The group, that first finds a word for each letter (or has found most after a certain time), wins.

Take care that there are words for infrequent letters (q, x, etc.) the group might know about, or allow special handling of those letters (that they are left out, or that words are found that not begin with that letter but contain it).

Possible topics

  • animals
  • plants
  • cities (worldwide or in a certain country/state)
  • rivers (worldwide or in a certain country/state)
  • professions
  • first names
  • countries
  • ...


  • The game gets harder if the words have to found in the order of the ABC.