Gift wrap

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Gift wrap
Type: coordination game
Number of players: any number (but not too many)
Location: on a table
Equipment: small boxes, wrapping paper (or newspaper), blindfolds
Duration: depends on number of players, several minutes
Preparation: none

Gift wrap is a coordination game. It is especially suitable for activities around Christmas or at birthday parties.


Each player needs a small box, all should be quite alike. Additionally, you need wrapping paper; of course, you can also use newspaper for that. Adhesive tape would be great, too.

Blindsfolds can be used, but that's optional.


The players compete each other, either all simultaneously or one after the other with each player's time taken. Their job is to wrap the box into a nice present using the wrapping paper. Who needs the least time and has the best-looking present wins the game.

Typically, the game is played with handicap. So, for instance, the players are blindfolded, or they may only use one hand.