Polar bear and penguin

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Polar bear and penguin
Type: tag game
Number of players: 12 or more
Location: small playing field
Equipment: none
Duration: arbitrary
Preparation: none

Polar bear and penguin is a simple tag game when standing in a circle for groups of 12 players or more.


You don't need any equipment to play this game.


The players are standing in a circle, always two players behind each other. Two players are decided to be the polar bear and the penguin. The polar bear tries to tag (catch) the penguin. When successful, they switch roles and again try to catch each other.

The penguin has an opportunity to escape. He can stand in front of one of the pairs standing in the circle. Then, the last player in this pair become the new polar bear, while the previous polar bear is transformed to the new penguin.


  • The pairs don't have to be standing in a circle, they can also spread across the room.
  • You can define whether the penguin and the bear may step inside the circle or not.