I packed my bag

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I packed my bag
Type: memory game, icebreaker
Number of players: arbitrary
Location: everywhere
Equipment: none
Duration: several minutes per round
Preparation: none

I packed my bag is a simple memory game. It can be played at any time, everywhere.


You don't need to prepare any equipment for this game.


The players are usually standing in a circle. One after the other, they pack some equipment in their bag (by just saying so). Each player first has to remember, what the other players packed, and may then add something.

Player 1: I packed my bag with a shoe.
Player 2: I packed my bag with a shoe, and a handkerchief.
Player 3: I packed my bag with a shoe, a handkerchief, and a knife.
Player 4: I packed my bag with a shoe, ....

Any player forgetting any of the objects is out of the game. The last remaining player wins!


  • You can also use the game as ice breaker game and name learning game. Instead of packing arbitrary equipment, all players pack their own name and a special trait of them (to make it easier, the trait has to start with the same letter as the name).