Blowing out tea lights

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Blowing out tea lights
Type: coordination game
Number of players: any number, but not too many
Location: on a table
Equipment: tea lights (or other candles)
Duration: short, but depending on number of players
Preparation: arrange and light tea lights

Blowing out tea lights is a coordination game. The players compete each other, playing one after the other against the result of the others.


You need tea lights, lots of them. You should at least have 30 or so.


The tea lights are arranged on some fire-resistant underground. Ensure, that nothing gets destroyed if some wax is spilled (what is not unlikely to happen).

The players now one after the other try to blow out as many tea lights as possible - with only one breath. Then, the lights are lighted again and the next player may try. The player with the most candles blown out wins the game.