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During active games some or all players have to move a lot or exhibit other forms of physical strength. This includes many ball games, tag games, fighting games and so on. Such games are good to allow the players to let off steam, to relieve stress and to improve their attention in later, more serious activities.


Here, some examples of active games are given. For a complete list of the active games in the GamesWiki, please see Category:Active game.


Two circles rotate independently. On a certain signal, all players have to find their partner - very chaotic!


This popular game has got many different names. All players stand in a circle and hold their neighbor's hands. In the middle of their circle, an instable object is standing. The players have to pull and push each other so that somebody - preferably not oneself - knocks over the object.

Musical chairs

Musical chairs is a game typically played at birthday parties. Several players run around several chairs (one less than players), and as soon as the music stops, everybody tries to sit on an empty chair ...

Bullfight in Sevilla

A rope is fastened to a circle and held by the players. In the middle of this bullfight arena is a very dangerous bull. He tries to attack the people around him. He can only do so while they are touching the rope. But if they drop the rope on the floor, the bull can escape entirely ...