Musical chairs

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Musical chairs
Type: active game
Number of players: any
Location: circle of chairs
Equipment: chairs, music
Duration: 5 to 10 minutes, depending on number of players
Preparation: none

Musical chairs (also: Trip to Jerusalem) is a famous game with chairs, often played at birthday parties.


  • one chair for each participant
  • music


The chairs are placed in a circle (or a double line), facing outwards so players can sit on them. During each round, one chair less than the number of players is used.

As soon as the music starts, the players move around the chairs. They have to move quickly and may not touch the chairs. As soon as the music is turned off, each player has to sit down on one of the chairs. As there is one chair less than the number of players, one player will get no chair - he is out of the game. Then, another chair is removed and the next round starts. Who can prevail and be the last player in the game?


  • if you have got enough fitting stuff, you can require each player to organize a certain things before sitting down. So, when the music is turned off, the referee says "pen", and only people holding a pen may sit down.

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