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Type: active game in a circle
Number of players: best with 20 or more
Location: small playing field
Equipment: none
Duration: 1 minutes per round
Preparation: none

AC DC is an active game for larger groups. It is most funny if you have at least 20 participants.


You don't need any equipment to play that game.


The players are standing in a circle, always two players behinds each other (so, actually, this results in two circles, an inner and an outer one). Each two players standing behinds each other try to remember their partner. When the game starts, both circles start to rotate clockwise (all players are walking along the circle line).

The trainer the starts to give out orders to the circles. He either addresses the inner our the outer circle, and as command adds "ac" (derived from alternating current) or "dc" (direct current). The respective circle might than have to change its direction. When the command dc is given, both circles should walk in the same direction afterwards, while after the command ac, both circles should walk in opposite directions. The addressed circle might or might not have to change its direction to achieve this.

The trainer can also give the third possible command "short circuit". Then, all players have to find their initial partners and they have to kneel down together. The last team to manage to do so is out of the game.

Watch out: if all the partners of the players are at the opposite end of the circles, ALL players have to get to the center of the circle or cross it. Expect a huge chaos there - and instruct the players not to hurry too much, as this might result in some injuries.