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Ball games all involve at least one ball in the game. Despite of that, the games widely vary, including coordination games (like juggling), two-goal games (soccer, basketball), different variants of dodgeball, four square, keep away, etc.


In the following, some examples of ball games are presented. For a complete list of all ball games in the GamesWiki, see Category:Ball game.



The players are standing in a circle, with a certain "VIP" and his bodyguard standing in the circle's center. Everybody tries to hit the VIP with a ball, while the bodyguard has to intercept those shots.

Running the gauntlet

Two groups compete each other. One group has to run past the other group, dodging their shots.

Dodgeball with memory

A variant of dodgeball where everybody competes against everybody. A player who is hit by a ball has to leave the field, but may continue once the player who hit him is hit.

Coordination games

Ball count

Two groups challenge each other. They have to pass a ball between members of their groups (by throwing), without the other group intercepting or the ball falling on the ground. Points are gathered by 10 consecutive passes.

Baseball for children

This is a simplified version of the original baseball.

Tabletop soccer

A small ball on a tabletop has to be shot in the opponent's goal only with the hands held on the table's edge.