Bullfight in Sevilla

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Bullfight in Sevilla
Type: coordination game, active game
Number of players: 15 or more
Location: in a circle
Equipment: rope
Duration: arbitrary (10-15 minutes)
Preparation: none

Bullfight in Sevilla is a game for groups of around 15 people.


You need a rope, roughly 0.5-1 meters (2-3 feet) per participant.


The rope is knotted to a circle. All players (except one) take the rope with both hands and form a circle, holding the rope in the height of their waist. They are standing outside of the circle of rope, that is representing a bullfight arena. The remaining player, the bull, is standing inside this arena. The rope must be in the air all the time, so the bull cannot escape the arena.

The bull attacks the players around the arena and tries to touch them. Such an attack is successful, when the bull can touch a player that is still holding the rope. A player successfully attacked is out of the game and may not touch the rope any longer. All attacked players try to let loose the rope in time, immunizing them against the attack. Of course, they should not do so prematurely and try to hold it again as soon as possible, so that is does not touch the ground and allow the bull to escape.

The game is over when the bull finally manages to escape. It's the task of all players to prevent that for as long as possible!