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Tag games are a special type of running games, where some people are chasing other players and try to touch (tag) them. Those tagged players are usually either out of the game, become chasers themselves or have to be rescued somehow by the remaining players.


Some examples of tag games are presented here. A complete list of all tag games in the GamesWiki can be found in the Category:Tag game.

Polar bear and penguin

In this famous tag game, a polar bear has to catch a penguin. The penguin can rescue himself by exchanging his role with one of the other players, that makes a polar bear out of that player and a penguin out of the former polar bear.


This tag game is played on a clean floor. Several crabs have to tag other players with their feet (that are used like claws).

Number tag

For this tag game, the participants need to be able to react quickly and run fast.

dragon's tail tag or dragon's tail tag in groups

Each player or one player of the group has one pawn (the dragon's tail) in his hip pocket. Everybody (or every group) tries to steal the tail of all the other dragons while trying to secure his own.