Sport Olympics

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Sport Olympics
Type: active game, coordination game
Number of players: six or more
Location: depends on the contests, usually outdoors
Equipment: depends on the contests; medals, winner's rostrum
Duration: depends, but usually at least one hour
Preparation: depends on the contests

The Sport Olympics is a challenge for several players (or teams). Any number of people can participate, if you can provide enough referees to offer contests.


The required equipment depends on the actual contests you offer. Here only some hints are provided:

  • balls
  • stilts
  • bow and arrow
  • cans (for throwing balls at them)
  • ropes
  • etc.


For this Olympics, the players have to solve different challenges. Their score for all different activities is added, the player with the highest score in the end wins the Olympics. You can decide whether you let single players of only teams of players compete.


You can take any kind of challenges. As the name suggest, usually, sporty activities are chosen, like high jump, long jump, swimming, running, ... Of course, you can also add non-"Olympic" but fun challenges like geocaching, or anything suitable as competition for your participants. You can even tailor the games to a certain theme; for instance, see Highland games.

Similar games

The Highland games are a variation of this game with the main focus of Scotland.