Highland games

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Highland games
Type: active game, coordination game
Number of players: at least 6 or so, as many as possible
Location: everywhere (usually outdoors)
Equipment: yes, depending on the challenges
Duration: depends, but usually an hour or so
Preparation: depends on the challenges

The Highland games are a kind of tournament with tasks typical for the Scottish highlands. Players or teams of players compete each other in several kinds of competitions.


What equipment you need depends on the kinds of challenges you introduce. Typically, you need:

  • balls
  • ropes
  • wood (to throw, to saw, ...)
  • etc.


The players are split in groups (or they can also participate alone). They have to finish several challenge, each of them keeping note of their score. Depending on their overall score after finishing all the tasks, the winning team can be determined in the end.


You can chose yourself what challenges to offer. This can also be tailored to special needs, the location and equipment you have available, the skills of your participants, and so on.

  • log throwing
  • hammer throwing (use a tennis ball in a sock!)
  • running tournaments
  • wrestling matches (you can use the push-up fight)
  • etc.

Similar games

The highland games are a variation of the sport olympics.

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