Push-up fight

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Push-up fight
Type: coordination game, fighting game
Number of players: 2
Location: everywhere (on some soft floor)
Equipment: none
Duration: less than 1 minute
Preparation: none

The push-up fight is a fighting game for two players. Both players need strength, dexterity and agility to win. If more than two players would like to participate, the game can be played in some kind of tournament. The game can be played almost everywhere; to avoid any injury, some soft floor (gymnastics mats, outdoors on a meadow) is suggested.

Required equipment

No equipment is required to play the game.


Both players go down to the floor, facing head by head, pretending to do push-ups. Once the fight is started, each try to knock over the other fighter so he lands on the floor, without losing balance himself. If one player can achieve that, he gets one point; one round is often played until one player has reached three points.

Note that this is a fight with rules. Typically, only the hands, arms and the sides of the torso may be attacked (pushed, pulled). The head may not be attacked, and no harm may be done to the other player (no scratching, etc.)