Tug of war

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Tug of war
Type: active game
Number of players: two groups
Location: small playing field
Equipment: one tear-proof rope
Duration: a few minutes per round
Preparation: none

Tug of war is a prominent challenge for two teams.


  • a long enough and tear-proof rope
  • markers for the central line.


Two groups of equal size are facing each other, holding the rope. Between them, a line marks the center of the playing field.

After the starting command, both groups pull the rope. They try to pull the front-most player of the opposing group over the central line. When they can manage to do so, or the enemy group lets lose the rope, the team wins. Often, a team has to score three points to win the game.


  • You can also try and play on a slippery floor, like a plastic foil that is made slippery using water and soap. Ensure there are no obstacles and the floor is soft enough so the players are not hurt if they slip!