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This article game by location describes the different possibilities, where a game can be played, what games are suitable for which locations, and what you have to consider.


Of course, games can be played almost everywhere. There are a few different types of locations you can differentiate:

  • Games that can be played everywhere
  • Games played while standing or sitting in a circle
  • Games played on a table
  • Games played on a small playing field
  • Games played on a special playing field
  • Games played on a large playing field


Some games can be played everywhere. It does not matter if you play them while sitting at a table, lying in bed, riding a bus or standing in a forest. Example for such games are riddles, but also many communication games.

sitting or standing in a circle

Many games are played while sitting or standing in a circle. Obviously, you need some space to play them, so they cannot be played while riding a train for instance. When chairs are required, they are often an important element of the game and can hardly be replaced.

on a table

For some games, you need a table or a similar flat surface (often, a clean and flat floor can be used instead). Typical games are card games, but also games like table soccer, flour cutting, chocolate cutting, knocking, cotton puffing or similar games.

small playing field

Many games require a small playing field. Often, a room with some free space without obstacles might be enough for such games, but they can usually also be played outdoors. Examples are games like gordian knot or jumping fleas.

playing field

Often, games require a certain playing field, usually with defined borders. Such games can be played outdoors, or in larger (empty) rooms or halls. The required space often depends on the number of players participating, and the type of game.

larger playing field

Some games require a larger playing field, usually only available outdoors. Often, those games can be played in a forest or a larger meadow. The players can move around freely, but need to stay inside a certain area to (quickly) solve the task at hand. Typically, wide games fit in this category.