Jumping fleas

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Jumping fleas
Type: tag game, calm game
Number of players: arbitrary
Location: small and quiet playing field
Equipment: blindfolds
Duration: a few minutes
Preparation: remove obstacles from playing field

Jumping fleas is a simple and calm tag game.


You need at least one blindfold.


Remove all obstacles from the playing field, that could endanger a blindfolded person.


One player is the catcher, he gets blindfolded. The other players are fleas, they stand (or better, squat) at any location somewhere on the playing field. Everybody needs to be quiet, so the catcher cannot hear him.

The catcher then also squats and tries to reach the fleas by jumping around. All fleas touched by catcher are tagged and are out of the game (they leave the playing field, silently).

Of course, the fleas can try to escape, too. Each flea has a limited number of jumps he is allowed to make (usually three to five, depending on the size of the playing field and the number of participants). So, as soon as he fears to be threatened by the catcher, he can try to jump into escape.