Gordian knot

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Gordian knot
Type: coordination game, Group dynamics game
Number of players: 6 to 20
Location: almost everywhere
Equipment: none
Duration: 5-10 minutes
Preparation: none

The Gordian knot is a coordination game for groups of about 6 to 20 people. It also contains elements of group dynamics; the groups should be familiar with each other and be able to work in "close proximity".


The game does not require and equipment.


All player stand up in a circle. The close their eyes, stretch their arms to the circle's center, and with each hand grab a hand of someone else. Both hands should be from different persons and they should not be from neighboring people.

The task that follows is easy to explain, but often hard to fulfill: Everybody opens his eyes and the group has to open the knot. Of course, all grabbing hands may not be released.

This game trains the coordination of a group and helps to develop the group itself. Note, that not every knot can be solved that way (it could be a "Gordian" one :-) ), so support the group in continuing if there might be a solution, or in forming a new knot if there is not.