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Type: attention game, coordination game
Number of players: around 10-20
Location: on a table (or on the floor)
Equipment: nothing
Duration: arbitrary, round 10-20 minutes per round
Preparation: none

Knocking is an attention game and coordination game for any number of players (best up to 20). The game is very simple, yet it requires a lot of attention. It is typically played when sitting around a table, but can also be played sitting on the floor in a circle.


No equipment is required.


All players are sitting around a table and put the palms of their hands on the table. The hands are crossed with both neighbors. As seen from the player, the sequence of hands touching the table from left to right is: his left hand, his left neighbor's right hand, his right neighbor's left hand, his own right hand.

One players starts to knock (or clap) the table with one hand, and the hand on the right of that one continues. Then, always the following hand has to continue to knock. At any time, a player may knock twice (in fast sequence). Then, the direction of knocking is changed.

Whoever makes an error loses the hand that made the error and has to remove it from the table. An error can be to:

  • clap with the wrong hand
  • clap at the wrong time (like too early, or when it's not his turn)
  • fail to clap in time (usually 1-3 seconds limit)