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Communication games challenge and train the communication among the participants. In detail, the task are quite diverse though, and range from transmitting texts and words, solving problems in a discussion or quickly reacting and replying with correct answers.


Here some examples of communication games are presented. For the full list of such games in the GamesWiki, please have a look at category:communication game.

Werewolves of Millers Hollow or Mafia

Among the inhabitants of a village, several fiends hide. By several rounds of discussions, the innocent members of the village have to identify and imprison the fiends. Some special characters might help them by their task.


The group has to count to a certain number without any further coordination. When two players start saying a number at the same time, the group has to start over again (at number 1).

yes no black white

With games of that type, the participants may not say certain words. Of course, all players are trying to make them pronounce exactly those words.

Chinese whispers

A classic communication game. A group transmits a word from one person to the next. As words may not be repeated and are typically spoken very silently, they change over time.