Running the gauntlet

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Running the gauntlet
Type: dodgeball game
Number of players: 20 or more
Location: playing field
Equipment: several balls, ropes
Duration: depends (10 minutes or so)
Preparation: almost none

Running the gauntlet is a ball game for two groups with at least 10 members each.


  • Balls
  • ropes to mark the road


A road is marked using the ropes. Team A is standing on both sides of the road, outside of it. The road should be a few meters wide and be even longer. This team also got all the balls.

The other team (B) is standing at the beginning of the road. After the starting signal, the players of team B try to run down the road. Team A is trying to hit the players of team B with their balls. Each player of team A that reaches the end of the road without being hit by a ball scores a point for his team. If a ball hits a player, he has to return to the start again (without obstructing Team A of shooting, of course).

After some time, the roles are switched. The team that scored most points in the end wins the game.