Ball count

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Ball count
Type: ball game
Number of players: about 10 to 20
Location: small playing field
Equipment: one ball
probably group tags
Duration: arbitrary
Preparation: none

Ball count is a ball game for 10 to 20 players. Two (or more) equally sized groups play against each other. You need a playing field, but its borders need not be defined exactly.


One ball (of any size, but typically a soft ball in the size of a volleyball) is required. For groups unfamiliar with each other, tags for the different groups might be adequate.


All players may more around the playing field. One ball is put into the game by the referees. The group that gets the ball tries to pass it around its members (the ball has to fly through the air). Whenever a group manages to finish 10 consecutive passes, it gets a point. Whenever a member of the other group(s) catches the ball in between of the ball hits the ground (or the wall), counting has to start by zero again!

Winner is the team that has accumulated most points after a certain time.


Some rules can be changed if desired:

  • May the player holding the ball make any steps?
  • Do you count to 10 (or a higher number?)
  • Are there two or more groups participating?
  • Whether the players may touch each other, or even try to take the ball by force?
  • etc.