Who am I

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Who am I
Type: guessing game, icebreaker
Number of players: arbitrary
Location: everywhere
Equipment: post-it notes
Duration: 10 minutes
Preparation: write names on the post-it notes

Who am I is a guessing game for groups of arbitrary sizes.


  • post-it notes or similar small paper


The referees prepare the post its. They write a name of some famous person (or cartoon character, job names, etc.) on them, a different one on each. Of course, this can be adapted to any topic.


Each player gets one of the post its and sticks it to his forehead or his back. Of course, he should not read what term is written on it. So, all other players can read the term, but he cannot.

All players move around the playing area. They may ask each other yes/no questions, that the other person must answer correctly in accordance to the "personality" of the asking person. For example, "Mickey Mouse" might ask: "Do I have black ears". The answer would then be "yes".

Is everybody able to find out "who he is"?

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