Guessing people

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Guessing people
Type: guessing game, discussion game
Number of players: roughly 6 to 20
Location: everywhere
Equipment: pen and paper
Duration: 15 to 20 minutes (but depending on player count)
Preparation: none

Guessing people is a game for groups that already know each other. From a short description the group has to guess what person of the group is meant.


For each player you need a small slip of paper and a pen.


First, each player writes his name on the paper. All notes are collected, shuffled and randomly given to the players again (if any player gets the paper with his own name, he exchanges it immediately).

Then, everybody writes a description about the person on the note. Typically, this should only be a few words or a very short description of some characteristics of the person. The notes are collected again.

Now, the referee reads out the descriptions. The group always has to guess, who could be meant by the description (of course, the author of the description may not participate). Also, for the fun of the other players, one should not actively participate in the discussion if he thinks to be described on the current note (what nobody can now for sure, of course).

Similar games

  • Who am I is a similar game, but instead of members of the group some famous people are described.