Famous pairs

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Famous pairs
Type: guessing game
Number of players: arbitrary
Location: everywhere
Equipment: post-it notes
Duration: 10 minutes or more
Preparation: find pairs and write them on the post-its

Famous pairs is a guessing game for groups of any size.


  • small post-it notes or similar slips of paper


Prior the game the referees have to prepare the pairs. First, a general topic is chosen (comics, actors, books by the same actor, etc. - this can be very well adapted to the general topic of the event hosting the game). Then, (well-known) pairs for that topic are identified (like Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse for comics, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy for actors, or 1984 and Animal Farm for books of the same actor). All those pairs are written on the post-it notes (each on a separate note). In the end, there should be as many notes as participants.


Each player gets one of the notes. Then, everybody walks around the room and tries to find his fitting partner. Nobody may disclose directly, who he is; only yes-or-no questions may be asked to find out who once partner could be. When a pair finds itself, it can leave the room (and probably, continue with the next task).

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