Washing machine

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Washing machine
Type: game for the senses, Group dynamics game, trust building game
Number of players: about 10 to 20
Location: everywhere
Equipment: none
Duration: about 10 minutes
Preparation: none

The Washing machine is a group dynamics game which aims at the players' senses and at strengthening the trust within the group.

Required Equipment

There is no equipment required.


The participants form two rows, one row facing the other one. This formation symbolizes the washing machine.

One group member positions himself at the beginning of the group and slowly walks between the two rows. The washing machine "washes" the member in the course of this. The machine may perform the washing by gentle tapping, stroking or spinning. The group member may also specify at the beginning of the wash cycle whether he prefers to be washed rather gentle or whether a more intensive cleansing would be necessary.

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