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Group dynamics games (also known as cooperation games) typically offer some kind of task or puzzle to a group, so that the group has to work together to solve the problem. Those games are often used for the purpose of team building.

While playing, the group can tighten its team spirit. The game provokes an improvement in the dynamics of the group and also allows reflecting about the current situation of the group. Take care that the task is not too hard for the group; that could provoke an adverse effect!


Here some examples of group dynamics games are presented. For the full list of such games in the GamesWiki, please have a look at Category:Group dynamics game.

Gordian knot

The players "knot" their hands together and then try to unwind the knot without letting loose the hands.

Spider's net

The group has to pass a spider's net made of ropes. Each hole in the net may be used only once, and the ropes may not be touched ...

Turning carpets

The group is standing on a carpet. Without stepping off the carpet, it has to turn it upside down.

Floating pole

A pole is lying on the fingers of the members and has to be put down on the floor. Sounds easy, but isn't!