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Trust building games challenge and improve the trust among the members of teams. The members of the groups should already know each other and have thus developed a certain level of trust, that can be strengthened by those games. Be sure to use such games only on well-established groups or start with ice breaker games. While trust building games always challenge (and hopefully, improve) the trust in groups, group dynamics games usually challenge the teams with other tasks (like puzzles).

When a player has to trust his partners in the group during such a game, it is vitally important that his trust is not betrayed.


Some examples of trust building games are listed here. For a complete list of all such games in the GamesWiki, see Category:Trust building game.

Baking bread

During this game, a player is carried, swayed, and shaken by his partners.

Yurt (or Yurt circle)

This game can be played with any number of players. It can be used as a relaxation game when a larger group is standing in a circle for a longer time.

Roly-poly toy (or Tumbler)

One player is standing in the center of a close circle formed by his partners. He tenses his muscles and let's himself tumble to one side. The players there have to catch him in time and put him in an upright position again.