Roly-poly toy

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Roly-poly toy
Type: trust building game
Number of players: around 8-10 per group
Location: everywhere
Equipment: none
Duration: arbitrary
Preparation: none

The Roly-poly toy (or: circle of trust, pendulum) is a simple trust building game for groups of around 10 people. It is optimal for groups that already know each other and have built up some trust already.


No equipment is needed to play that game.


The players come together in groups of around 8 to 10 people. They form a small circle, one of them is standing in the circle's center (acting as roly-poly toy). All players hold their hands in the height of their chest towards the person standing in the middle.

The person in the middle now has to show his trust in the group. He closes his eyes, tenses his muscles and tumbles to one side (his feet standing still). The other players have to catch him and put him upright again.

Note that this is in NO way a coordination game for the players. It should never happen that they cannot catch the person in the center.

When the person in the middle has experienced enough, another one may try the position in the middle.