Tower construction

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Tower construction
Type: coordination game, Group dynamics game
Number of players: any
Location: everywhere, preferable indoors
Equipment: drinking straws, duct tape
Duration: about 10 to 20 minutes
Preparation: none

Tower construction is a group dynamics game and a coordination game.


There are various possibilities. Known, for instance, are:

  • duct tape and drinking straws
  • paper and paper clips

Any other equipment suitable for building towers may be used.


Within their team, the participants have to solve a problem which is actually simple:

  • " Build a tower as high and freestanding as possible by using the equipment provided."

The group may take a few minutes to contemplate on how to cope with the task. Afterwards, the actual task - the construction of a tower - should be done in a relatively short time (about three minutes).


The main goal is not the construction of the tower. Instead, the roles of the group members should be revealed through the game. Who takes control over the group? Who actively puts forward any ideas? Who is easy to convince? Who takes a backseat?

The coordinators of the game observe, and after the game reflect on it together with the groups.

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