Building bridges

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Building bridges
Type: coordination game, Group dynamics game
Number of players: optional
Location: everywhere, but preferable indoors
Equipment: paper, sticky tape, something heavy/ weights, small box
Duration: about 10 to 20 minutes
Preparation: none

Building bridges is a Group dynamics game, as well as a Coordination game.


You need the following equipment to play the game:

  • paper (old newspapers, etc.)
  • sticky tape
  • weights (books, shoes, etc.)
  • box (e.g. a shoe box)


The participants have to solve a problem as one or several teams: they have to build a bridge that is able to sustain the weight of a specific item and that is high enough to shove through a shoe box. There is a time limit of about 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the teams. After the given time, the team(s) should have finished the bridge. Except for paper and sticky tape, no other aids are allowed.


The construction of the bridge is of course not the main goal. It is more important to observe how the roles within the team develop. Who takes control and is in charge? Which person is the creative team member and produces constructive ideas? Who is easy to convince? Which team members stay in the background?

The game coordinator observes these roles and subsequent to the game reflects on these roles together with the whole group.

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