Dragon's tail tag in groups

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Dragon's tail tag in groups
Type: tag game
Number of players: around 15 or more
Location: playing field, depending on player count
Equipment: one "dragon's tail" per group
Duration: arbitrary
Preparation: none

Dragon's tail tag (in groups) is a game for groups or (around) 15 people or more. This article describes the game as it can be played in cooperative groups (each group representing one "dragon"); if each player should act independently, please see Dragon's tail tag.


Each group (each dragon) needs a "dragon's tail", typically some kind of small cloth, like a scarf, a glove, a sock, a cap, etc.


The players split in groups of equal sizes, each group should have at least three or four members. The game can be played with three groups or more (well, actually, it could work with 2 groups, but is less fun).

Each group represents one dragon. The members of the groups are standing behind each other, everyone is holding the shoulders of the person in front of him. The first person in the row is the dragon's head, his arm are free to attach other dragons. The last person in the row carries the dragon's tail. He puts the tail in his bag pocket (or belt, or where ever it can be easily put in and taken out again) so that it does not fall out unintended, but can easily be taken by another dragon.

Once the game starts, the dragon's heads try to steal the tails of other dragons. Of course, each dragon is a mortal being; it may not split, so all members of the group have to stay in touch with the person in front of and behind of him all the time. Additionally, a dragon should not lose it's tail. Any dragon that loses its tail (most likely by another dragon stealing it) is out of the game.

Winner of the game is the last remaining dragon.


  • Often, the game is more fun if a dragon without a tail is NOT out of the game. All the stolen tails have to be put in the bag pocket just like the own one. When trying to steal a tail from another player that has already got several tails, only one may be taken at a time.

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