Systemic gyration

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Systemic gyration
Type: active game, Group dynamics game
Number of players: about 15 and up
Location: everywhere, enough space required
Equipment: none
Duration: optional, a few minutes
Preparation: none

Systemic gyration is a simple active game for some loosening up in between or when a group comes together for the first time. The game is suitable for rather big groups with 15 participants or more. It may also be chosen in order to reveal a group's dynamic (who chooses whom, who is not chosen by anyone, does the entire group break into smaller units,...).


  • No equipment is required.


Every team player picks two other people of the group (in case of new groups, people s/he does not know yet).The choice is kept secret.

Then, the coordinator of the game announces the real task: every player has to reposition him/herself so that s/he forms an "equilateral triangle" with his/her two chosen people. The three players are standing in the shape of a triangle of which the distance between two participants is commensurate for all three edges, for instance two meters. The position of all other players is irrelevant to the single player.

Every repositioning naturally results in other participants also repositioning themselves - and then, there was utter chaos. Does any group manage to achieve a stable state where all participants form equilateral triangles with their other two chosen team members?

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