Snail tag

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Snail tag
Type: tag game, calm game
Number of players: two groups
Location: small playing field, usually indoors
Equipment: clothespins, blindfolds
Duration: 10-15 minutes
Preparation: none

Snail tag is a very calm tag game. It has to be absolutely quiet during playing. The game is a variation of the game clothespin.


  • You need clothespins for this game.


The players are split into two groups: the snails and the taggers. There should be significantly more snails than taggers.

The snails are blindfolded. They lay on the floor and move extremely slowly. The other players all get clothespins and try to put them on the clothes of the snails. Any player able to fix a clothespin scores one point. A snail can protect itself against the "attacks". When it senses and attacker nearby, it rolls up in a defensive position for a few seconds; no clothespin may be fixed then, and any attacker actually standing near the snail has to retreat a few meters.