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Type: coordination game, calm game
Number of players: two groups, up to about 20
Location: wherever it is silent
Equipment: clothespins (pegs), blindfolds
Duration: around 15 minutes
Preparation: none

Clothespin is a calm coordination game. It must be totally silent during the game.


You need a few clothespins (pegs), blindfolds


Two groups are formed. One groups is blindfolded and sits down somewhere in the center of the room (not all too tight, so people can still walk around in between). The second group divides the clothespins among them.

As soon as it is silent, the second group may try to attach the clothespins on the clothes of the blindfolded group. Whenever one of the blindfolded group suspects someone to be in direct vicinity of him and "attacking" him with a clothespin, he may point in that direction; if there really is an "attacker" there, he has to select another victim. If there was no attacker there, the blindfolded person gets one negative point. Each clothespin attached to the clothes is a negative point as well (attaching is valid if it holds after being attached; the attacker may only attach one clothespin at a time, and he is immune directly after success).

After some time, roles are exchanged. Who manages to attach most clothespins, and receives the least?

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