Rooster fight in water

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Rooster fight in water
Type: coordination game, fighting game
Number of players: 4
Location: in water (lake, pool, etc.)
Equipment: none
Duration: few minutes
Preparation: none

The Rooster fight game is a fighting game and coordination game for four people. The base variant rooster fight game is adapted so it can be played in water. The water should not be too deep, the players should be able to stand in the water. Pairs compete each other, but of course some kind of league or tournament can be used.


You don't need any equipment (besides the water, of course).


The players work together in pairs. One carries the other person on his shoulders. The upper person is the fighter, he has his arms crossed in front of his chest.

Once the game starts, the fighters try to attack each other so they lose balance. When a fighter falls off his carrier or both fall in the water, this pair has lost and the other team scores one point.