Rooster fight game

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Rooster fight game
Type: coordination game, fighting game
Number of players: 2
Location: almost everywhere
Equipment: none
Duration: a few minutes
Preparation: none

The rooster fight game is a fight and coordination game for two players. More people can participate if a league or tournament is played.


In the basic variant, you don't need any equipment to play the game.


The players stand upright, facing each other. They stand on only one foot and cross their arms in front of their chest. Once the fight is started, they try to bring the other player out of balance. Any player losing balance (falling down, touching the floor with more than just one foot) loses the round. Often, a few rounds are played for the fight to be one (e.g., at least three out of five fight have to be won by a player).

It is very important that an adult supervises the fight and devises detailed rules, what "fighting techniques" are allowed and which ones are not (pushing is allowed, but slapping, scratching, kicking, etc. is not). A fight must be immediately stopped if it gets too violent.

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