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Fighting games allow participants to challenge each other in a fair and well-regulated competition. While many games host elements competition, fighting games emphasize competition in form of physical strength and agility in a direct confrontation ("fight"). However, those fights need to be regulated and controlled in order to avoid hard and injuries. The referee has to set up rules, control and enforce them, and take players out of the game who violate those rules.


Some prominent fighting games are presented here. A complete list of all such games in the games-wiki can be found in the Category:Fighting game.

Rooster fight game, Rooster fight in water

The rooster fight is an game of strength and agility, where the opponent has to brought out of balance.

Children's sumo

This game is similar to sumo fights, but with simplified rules.

Push-up fight

Two players in push-up position try to bring each other out of balance.


One player, the mosquito, has to "bite" another player; two defenders have to avert this.