Rock paper scissors

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Rock paper scissors
Type: game of luck
Number of players: 2
Location: everywhere
Equipment: none
Duration: only a few seconds
Preparation: none

Rock Paper Scissors is a simple but popular game of luck. While there are world championships of this game, it is often not played as single game, but combined with other games, or used as decision-making aid.


You don't need any equipment.


Two players compete each other. On a command - usually the players count up to three - both shot a certain figure with their right hand (either rock, paper, or scissors). Depending on the figures, one of the players wins the round (it can also end as draw). Typically, three or five rounds are played. The player with most victories wins the game.



The rock is shown as fist. It wins against the scissors (smashes them) but loses against the paper (gets wrapped).


The paper is shown as flat hand. The paper wins against the stone (wraps it) but loses against the scissors (gets cut).


The scissors are shown by mimicking scissors using forefinger and middle finger. It wins against the paper (cuts it) but loses against the stone (gets smashed).

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