Chinese tossing

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Chinese tossing
Type: Group dynamics game
Number of players: bigger groups
Location: nearly everywhere
Equipment: none
Duration: a few minutes
Preparation: none

Chinese tossing is a variation of the game rock paper scissors for bigger groups.


There is no equipment required.


Two equally big groups are formed. If there are a lot of participants, it is also conceivable to conduct a kind of competition.

These groups then have to toss against each other. Therefore, the groups secretly decide on one of the three given figures:

  • Dragon (hands up in the air, showing teeth, altogether a mean, attacking facial expression)
  • Samurai (hands are holding a sword, and sidestep)
  • Princess (terrified, protecting face with her hands)

Once the decision is made, the groups line up opposite each other and simultaneously show their symbol by command. The following rules apply:

  • The Samurai defeats the dragon
  • The dragon defeats the princess
  • The princess defeats the Samurai

The group that has won the battle gets one point. There is no point distributed when shown equal figures. The group which could collect three points first wins.


The figures may be adapted to the respective situation, for instance, the motto of a camp.