Pillow robbery

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Pillow robbery
Type: active game
Number of players: 10 or more
Location: playing field (usually indoors)
Equipment: pillows (as many as possible)
Duration: a few minutes
Preparation: none

Pillow robbery is an active game for two or more groups. You need some empty space to play (best is an empty room without obstacles that could hurt players.


You need a lot of pillows (or similar soft objects), at least 2 or 3 times as many as participants.


The players are split into groups that each get assigned an area of the playing field. The pillows are put on the playing field.

After the starting signal all teams try to get as may pillows as possible. Therefore, they may be robbed from the enemy team(s). Active, forceful defense is not allowed, but the players should be able to defend in some way (similar to ball games in sports, like handball or soccer - be sure to define some more detailed rules what is allowed and what is prohibited).

After some time, the game is stopped. The team with most pillows on its area wins the game. Usually, better organized teams have a higher cnace of winning, like teams cooperating and defining roles like attackers and defenders.

Similar games

  • beer coaster game is quite similar, but the teams have to get rid of the objects instead of collecting them.