Beer coaster game

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Beer coaster game
Type: active game
Number of players: two groups
Location: playing field
Equipment: lots of beer (drinking) coasters
Duration: arbitrary (a few minutes)
Preparation: -

The beer coaster game is an active game for larger groups. You need a playing field with two areas for the teams and a large number of things that can be thrown (like: beer coasters, but you can use anything that flies and does not hurt anybody).


  • throwing objects: beer (drinking) crates as examples, but you can take anything that can fly and does not hurt anybody
  • a playing field; best a room, where the coasters cannot leave the playing area.


The participants are split into two groups and each get an area assigned. The beer coasters are put on the border of both areas. After the starting signal both groups try to throw all objects into the other area. After some time, the game is stopped. Then, each team counts the number of coasters laying on there area. The team with FEWER coasters wins the game.


  • To prevent players to collect the coasters and throw them to the other side just before the end of the game, some rules could be added:
    • The end time can be classified (rendering collecting quite dangerous)
    • collecting the coasters can be prohibited
    • a team can gain a premature win if its area is (widely) cleaned of coasters (this can happen when the other team collects too many coasters)

Similar games

  • The game pillow robbery is quite similar, but the objects have to be collected instead of being thrown away