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Type: tag game
Number of players: about 10-20
Location: playing field
Equipment: none
Duration: a few minutes per round
Preparation: none

Petrify is a tag game for groups of about 10 to 20 participants. Given your location is large enough, you can also play with larger groups.


You don't need any equipment. Perhaps, markers for the tagger(s) would help.


The players can move around the playing field. One (or for larger groups: several) tagger try to tag and thus petrify the other participants. Whenever those taggers touch another player, he petrifies and cannot move any more.

All petrified players can be freed by still active players. They have to crawl on all fours between their feet, then the petrification gets reversed.

The taggers try to petrify all players, of course.


  • Of course, you can change the method of reversing the petrification

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