Stone bridge tree tag

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Stone bridge tree tag
Type: tag game
Number of players: 20 or more
Location: playing field
Equipment: none
Duration: arbitrary
Preparation: none

Stone, tree, bridge tag is a tag game for about 20 participants. Do don't need any equipment, but a playing field large enough.


You don't need any equipment.


Before the game starts, three tagger are selected: a stone tagger, a bridge tagger, and a tree tagger. The three taggers cooperate. They try to touch and thus tag other players, and transform them into a stone, a bridge, or a tree (respectively).

  • stones have to sit or kneel on the floor
  • bridges have to form a bridge on the floor
  • trees have to stand with his arms stretched away from his body (like branches of a tree).

All players not yet transformed can rescue the transformed players. Stones can be rescued by simply touching them, bridges are rescued when a free player passes below the bridge, and trees are freed when their branches (arms) are pressed down.

Are the taggers able to transform all other players?