Olfactory Kim

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Olfactory Kim
Type: kim's game
Number of players: 1 to 15
Location: everywhere
Equipment: blindfolds, substances to be smelled
Duration: 10-20 minutes
Preparation: prepare the substances

The Olfactory Kim's game is a Variant of the Kim's game addressing and training the smelling sense.


  • blindfolds for all players
  • About 8-10 different substances to be identified by their odor


All players are blindfolded. Then, the referee lets them all smell the first substance. They then discuss, what that could be. Once they could identify it correctly, the next substance is smelled.


  • The game might be combined with the classic Memory Kim. First, all odors are presented to the participants, who have to remember them. Only in a second step, they have to enumerate all the substances they smelled.

Similar games

  • The Taste Kim works in a similar fashion, but addresses the tasting sense.