Memory Kim

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Memory Kim
Type: kim's game
Number of players: about 1 to 15
Location: everywhere
Equipment: a few different things, blanket
Duration: 10-20 minutes
Preparation: none

A Memory Kim (or Memory Kim's game) is the very classic type of a Kim's game, that challenges and trains the memory of the players.


While you don't need any SPECIAL equipment to play that game, you need a few (roughly 10) different things for the participants to remember. You can take any (smaller) objects, like watches, keys, books, coins, pens, etc. Ensure that all objects used are different in type and shape.

Additionally, a blanket (or something similar to cover the things) allows for a fast game.


All the objects are shown to the players. They can see and memorize them for a minute or so. then, they are removed (or covered with the blanket; ensure the objects cannot be guessed by their shape!).

Now, the players have to recall all the objects they saw. You can either let them work one-by-one, or let the team work together in bringing all the objects back to their mind.