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No game
Type: communication game
Number of players: any number, 10 or more
Location: everywhere
Equipment: tokens (clothespins, fixing pin, etc.)
Duration: longer, but can be played alongside with other program
Preparation: prepare the tokens

The "no" game is a game that can be played alongside with some other activity - during a party, a meeting or a full day on a camp. It is a longer variant of the game Yes No Black White.


Each player requires some kind of (small) token, that can be put on their clothes, like clothespins, buttons or fixing pin.


Each player gets a token, that he puts on his clothes.

While the game is played, there is only one simple rule: no active player may pronounce the word "no". If a player (A) is active, says the word, and another (active) player (B) recognizes that, player B earns the token of A (or one of them). A player is active, as long as he has still got at least one token.

In the end, one player should have collected all the tokens (or a few players, if they are very cautious). This player(s) win(s) the game.

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