Yes No Black White

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Yes No Black White
Type: communication game, attention game
Number of players: two per turn
Location: anywhere
Equipment: none
Duration: a few minutes per turn
Preparation: none

Yes No Black White is a simple communication game for two (or possibly more) players per turn. It can be played anywhere, without any equipment.


You don't need any equipment to play that game.


Two players play a round (more players might be able to participate, but usually only two is most fun).

One player is the interviewer, the other the interviewed person. The interviewer asks questions, the other has to answer. While the interviewer may speak freely, the interviewed person may not use those four words: "yes", "no", "black", "white" (of course, you can chose any other words ...). The interviewed person must answer all questions reasonably quick and with correct sentences, but may just not use those four words. The turn ends, when the interviewed person pronounces one of the forbidden words, or after some fixed time.


You can also play that game alongside other activities. Then, NO player is allowed to say the forbidden words for that longer period of time.