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Name learning games are a special type of ice breaker games. They support groups in learning the names of the members of the group.


Some examples of name learning games are presented here. For a complete list of the name learning games in the GamesWiki, please see Category:name learning game.

Name slapping

A funny game where the players learn each other's name and must react very quickly.

Behind the curtain

Two groups compete each other. From both groups, one player is selected. Both face each other, but can't see the other player due to a blanket (or opaque curtain) held between them. When the blanket is dropped, they have to shout the name of the other player.


A communication game where the players have to "contact" each other via a virtual radio transmitter. The players need to respond quickly and learn each other's names.


Each player presents a short, descriptive story about himself to another player. This story is passed on from player to player (similar to the game Chinese whispers). Will the original story be passed on, or will it change significantly?